If you are English, Spanish, Russian, or any other nationality, you risk sanctions if you commit an offense to the highway code while driving a vehicle in France.
For a speeding of more than 50 km / h, a driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the prefect  will temporarily forbid you to drive on the french territory for a period  up to six months. Your vehicle can be immobilized and impounded.

You will be prosecuted before the police court or the tribunal court of the place of the offense, which can fine you, ban you from driving on the french soil or seize your vehicle if you are the owner.

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Your vehicle will be forfeited and may be sold.  You won’t get back the proceeds of the sale (the French state will retrieve them) and you will have to pay for the pound charges. You will not lose points on your license, because no European or international file exists for now. There are means to defend you and to avoid sanctions, including the impounding of your vehicle. As regards the other offenses (small speeding, phone use, red light,etc.), you risk a sanction and in some cases, a driving ban on the french territory.

The law office Mounier specialized in the defense of foreigners for traffic offenses on the French soil will guide you and defend you.

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